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We are working on a putting up a memorial section to share our happy memories celebrating Debbi. Check back soon for full stream recording as well as some pictures / materials from the memorial day.

For the guestbook, please use the memory form below and if you want just mention that this is a memory from the memorial :)

Welcome to the memorial page for our mom, Dr. Debbi Andrews. We know she made an impact on many people's lives, and we would love to collect some of the many memories people have of her. We plan to display shared memories here but you will also have the option to keep the memory private.
Please feel free to submit as many memories as you would like. If you have any issues submitting the form, or would prefer to email your memory, you can send your memory to

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On Sat 04 June 2022, we are finally able to have Debbi's funeral and celebrate her life, in a way that allows those who wish to attend in person to do so. We would be happy for you to join for all, or any part, of the day. You may also view the funeral and/or the celebration of Debbi's life online, or view the recordings later.

1) WELCOME BEFORE DEBBI'S FUNERAL 1300-1350MT St. Peter's Anglican Church hall (11035-127 St, Edmonton) All are welcome to join Debbi's family and friends before the funeral service. However, you may go directly to the service if you wish. We shall have light refreshments and small displays about aspects of Debbi’s life (which will still be up after the funeral)

2) DEBBI'S FUNERAL beginning at 1400MT for about an hour St. Peter's Anglican Church sanctuary (same building as the hall) The funeral will be streamed and recorded (access info to be posted by 03 June at

3) A CELEBRATION OF DEBBI'S LIFE beginning at about 1515MT Back in St. Peter's Anglican Church hall. Several people will share memories of various aspects of Debbi’s life. There will also be a couple of (voluntary) Debbi-themed group activities. The celebration will be streamed and recorded, and have a zoom call active (access info to be posted by 03 June at If you would like to speak or present something in this time, please contact me with the topic, the estimated amount of time you wish to have and whether it will be in person or not.

4) AT HOME Several people will be gathering chez Andrews/Laughton (11006125 St, 3 blocks from St Peter's) during the period from 1100MT to 1300MT and/or after the celebration for the rest of the day. All are welcome for whatever period of time you wish. A light lunch buffet and supper will be available along with conversation, music and a variety of Debbi-themed activities.

Four more points.

5a) So we can plan the amount of food and seating, we would appreciate if you could let us know by emailing me if you plan to have lunch with us or to attend the celebration. If you do not RSVP but want to come, please just come.

5b) Our daughter, Sara, has also posted some of this information in a private event notice to her facebook contacts. If you have rsvp'ed there about your attendance at the church events, you need not do so again. I would still appreciate an RSVP if you intend to come to lunch.

5c) More information (e.g, about parking, accessibility, online access to service materials and hall displays) will be available on this website on Sunday May 29th.
In Person Logistics
Online LogisticsIf you are calling in to speak over zoom at 3pm, the details are below:
Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 806 228 5345
Passcode: 126064

5d) I may be contacted at +1 (780) 454-8846 (landline voice) +1 (780) 686-2689 (mobile voice and incoming text)

debbi and david selfie looking happy

An initial message from David. This website, in addition to being a memory board once that is set up will also:

  1. allow you to sign up for information as it arrives about the memorial service we plan to have at St Peter's this fall emailing David at
  2. keep you posted about what is going on with the memorial fund

I have also attached some items that may be of interest:

  1. the community obituary which will be in the Journal on Saturday (the picture is at Ottawa Tulip Festival 2 years go with our granddaughter Sawyer)
  2. the professional obituary from the UofA
  3. some select photos (a precursor to the memories portion of the website)

She loved me totally, completely, and extravagantly without reservation as I did her.
I miss her terribly, but I know how blessed we were to have the lives we have been given and built, so much of which has been together.

With all my love,